Monday, February 8, 2010

Minding our manners and our selves...

I just finished up a week and a half substitute teaching at a school I taught at previously, a private one that educates students with learning differences. I really, really love working with students who really need individualized help!

While certainly many students had trouble with anger control and anxiety, I was so impressed with the social skills they are learning! Some middle schoolers introduced themselves and shook my hand! Actually, of the three private schools I have worked at, all three emphasized manners (and two served special populations). The private school that was general acadmics for pre-K through 8th grade has always stressed "minding your manners."

However, all around me I see so many students and adults who have left basic civility by the wayside. I hope and pray that manners will not be engulfed by a caveman mentality and washed out to sea!

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