Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being thankful...

We're here, Mark and I, at the north beach channel, with our chairs and backpacks full of writing implements, cameras, sandwiches and drinks. The sky and water both appear cornflower blue in color, punctuated only by the islands across the channel. The strips of land are the only way to distinguish the horizon line. Temps are mild; low 70s with a gentle breeze and no clouds for the sun to hide behind. I like my beach sun in November! A man nearby is digging up mussels, the smooth sand interrupted by small mounds he has scratched up. A few people, probably tourists in rentals, walk by. A nearby beach house of modern design, with lots of glass, stands with windows and doors flung open to the breeze. Kayaks in bright blue and yellow are piled nearby on the small dunes. It looks so inviting I want to walk in or grab a kayak!

We are heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. What am I thankful for? To be alive, to be cognizant and and walking, with good health to this point. To be with my husband and son together, we three. To be aware of this moment in time. To be able to appreciate the past but still look with hope towards the future.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One step at a time...and loving it!

I have had some great walks on this three day weekend. With this pic, I am standing upright; the tree, on the bank, is leaning into the river. I took this near Skidaway Island on Veteran's Day and it was a cold, windy walk!

Today at Tybee Island was glorious! Mild temps and loads of sunshine! Calm winds with a low tide to boot!

Even the shore birds seemed to be enjoying the day. I love sandpipers!

Pelicans tend to be so skittish, so I was pleased to get this shot.