Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching and waiting...

I'm on Tybee's north beach, watching and waiting as four cargo ships enter the shipping channel from the open ocean. Don't believe I've ever been at this corner, seeing so many ships at once. I can see several more on the horizon, no doubt bringing in holiday cars and products.
The 70 plus sun temp is warm on my back, two hours from slipping away, leaving us in darkness once again.

I'm here alone, consoling myself in the best way I know how, as it looks as though a job I would have loved to have had has been given to someone else. I can accept that, but I still feel a loss - a loss of what could be.

The job was at a local college, as secretary to a department head. A wonderful job perk is that, after six months of employment, you can take classes at no cost. I could see myself getting a Masters in English, teaching as an adjunct professor.

I'm stretching out these peaceful moments before I'm back to my "to do" list and problem-solving how to pay bills. Life goes on, watching and waiting some more....