Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cherished moments in June

I can't believe June 2011 is almost history! I am working thru my summer "to do" list. Hubby is teaching summer school, and my son is chilling after high school graduation. I took this pic of a dolphin during a local eco day cruise on Father's Day. I love these animals, and never get tired of seeing them! I have seen a manatee again at the Tybee north channel - wonder if it is the same one from last year? The other pic is an early sunset on the north channel - a favorite time and location for me.

I think the highest point of my parenting years, with the exception of birth, was seeing my son lead the procession for his high school as class valedictorian, and then giving his speech. He did an awesome job! It was a surreal experience - one I'll never forget!