Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Being Different

My husband and I have been downloading a lot of movies from Netflix over the two week teacher holiday, as there is very little to watch on basic cable right now. Two nights ago we watched "Phoebe in Wonderland," about a 10 year old girl being diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. I highly recommend this movie to every teacher and parent, especially if you have limited experience with students who learn differently. I have started subbing again, as I noted in previous posts, and will be going back to one of my previous employers - a private school dedicated to students who learn differently. This post tonight is in honor of those who don't quite fit in, those who ask the wrong questions or say the wrong thing, those who go to the left when everyone else goes to the right, those who obsess over the miniscule to bring order and sense to the world - you are a precious gift!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blue Christmas in Georgia

A "blue Christmas" for me is hardly a sad one! For me, it refers to the color of the sky and ocean water at this time of year. This shrimp boat seems to be floating on air! Normally our water looks brown or green.

I am grateful for the sun, after so many rainy days in December, grateful for good health, that allows me to get outside and walk and enjoy nature, grateful for family and friends to share with, and grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in our country, such as freedom of religion.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Keeping up with the little elves

This week I subbed one day as a teacher's aide in a pre-K class, and two days as a teacher in a Kindergarten class. It's been five years since I have worked intensely with younger children, and I have a new humility and appreciation for what these teachers do, on a daily basis, seven to eight hours (or more) a day, five days a week! Mind you, these were well-behaved children overall - it is just the age and time of year! They reminded me of little elves, darting here and there, and guess what? You have to keep up with them! I'm probably going to go back to the K class on Monday, but for today I'm having humble pie and lots of rest on a rainy, cold Saturday!