Monday, September 3, 2012

Endlings and beginnings...old paths and new paths..

I'm thinking about endings and beginnings....the end of summer, even if I was actually working through it,..the beginning of school and the fall season yet to come.

I'm still working in the Walmart pharmacy near my home.  Yep, $7.65 per hour for an English graduate and certified elementary and middle school teacher.....I'm GLAD to have money coming in (some money at least), but I'm kinda caught in the tedium of the work.   The "Wally-World" experience has been well documented by other bloggers. I'm leaning toward researching online educator jobs.

The thing that sustains me is walking and hiking, whether on the beach or in the marime forests near my home, or in the Blue Ridge mountains where I'm from, and where my family lives.  I decided to post some of my favorite real paths, in the hope that these will spur me on to other adventures...