Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twisting and turning with the flow

I'm so happy to see blue sky this morning, even if the temps are in the 40s right now. I'm heading to the grocery first, then later a walk at a federal park near where I live (which also has some beach area as well). I start another sub job on Wednesday, to continue through next week.

A friend and former colleague buried her husband yesterday; he succumbed to pancreatic cancer late last week. He was diagnosed last spring, and fought the good fight with surgery and chemo. Certainly this has led to a lot of parallels, as my husband started with health problems last spring; his situation had a happier ending, at least for now. I am reminded and humbled by the knowledge that life is a precious gift, and none of us know the number of our days.

Like this photo of the tide meandering through channels on the sandbar, our lives take unexpected twists and turns.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Changing days, changing tides

I have been sub teaching for two weeks, with more jobs lined up. I am so appreciative now of having a paycheck! Most importantly, I felt that I was using my training and talents. Those two weeks, incidentally, were two of the coldest I ever remember experiencing in the deep south! We are back to more seasonable weather, with a high today in the 60s. Since it was Sunday, my husband and I took a beach walk (of course!). I like to think of nature as God's sanctuary. I never really felt close to God in a church (the exception being a couple of one of a kind experiences in churches in Europe.) I do feel an overwhelming sense of peace and fulfillment in a natural setting. Just as there are days/times of inclement weather, there are days of sunshine and warmth!