Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Savannah, Georgia!

I'm going to post some recent beach pics. I will walk on the beach, unless it is very, very, very cold - say freezing or below! Our unusually cold temps have resulted in probems for some sea life. I saw the remains of a sea turtle wash up on shore this week, plus numerous starfish.

I'm relieved to have a mental and physical break from my teacher's aide job. It was fun to experience the anticipation of Christmas through the eyes of kindergartners! I say a little glitter on your clothes, your body, your hair, your food just makes everything more festive....:)

Pondering end of life and quality of life issues, as my mother-in-law is once again in the hospital with complications from MS. This has been going on since October. Before, though she was confined to bed pretty much, she could feed herself and carry on a conversation. Now you cannot understand her when she tries to speak, and she has oxygen, IVs, feeding tube and catheter. I'm praying for her comfort, and for mercy. This has been hard on my husband, his brother, and her husband. My family is in Virginia, and I didn't feel like trying to travel there. I've been busy this morning cooking, to send food to family members taking shifts at hospital. The ability to see, hear, taste and touch is a wondrous thing, as well as the ability to move around and experience life!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Balancing act

I'm trying to stay balanced right now - not fall down, literally and figuratively! Here I am in the month of December, working in a long term temp job helping a special needs kindergarten class. Every day we do a few exercises in class, to stretch and change activities. News flash! It ain't easy balancing on one leg holding the other when you are 50 years old!
In southern Georgia we are having an artic blast, with highs in the 40s this week. At least that constitutes an arctic blast to us. I did not walk on the beach last weekend, but did the weekend before, and took these pics.
I would probably need major meds to live further north, as I have felt sorta depressed last two weeks. I attribute this to ---end of life issues with my mother-in-law being so ill, a series of car repairs, a very tight budget, a son going to college. But enough whine...To put this all in perspective, my husband and I went to an art show featuring a student of his who is battling brain tumors. Now that's a REAL challenge! I just need a little more time in the sun...and another beach walk - whether it's 40 degrees or 60 degrees!