Sunday, March 11, 2012

In like a lion....

March in Savannah is proving to be very windy, as usual!  I haven't posted lately.  In late January I FINALLY got a job.  I am working at the Walmart less than a mile from my house, in the pharmacy.  There are basically no teaching jobs available for the over fifty set, and our school system keeps adding requirements.  It is not worth the effort to keep applying, and definitely not worth the effort to add more certifications to my teaching credentials.  I never thought I'd be taking a minimum wage job....but it is far better than not being able to pay bills.  Actually, it has been interesting to learn new things, and VERY interesting to meet the pharmacy customers....At least now when I am off, I AM OFF!  PERIOD!  No lesson plans, no meetings, no parent phone calls.  Jeez, I sound like I hated teaching.  Truly, I loved the teaching part of it, building relationships with the kids.

I had a windy and cloudy walk today, but nothing energizes me like time spent spent in a natural setting.

A great spot to sit and think!