Sunday, February 28, 2010

Following my path....

This past Tuesday I received a random call from a public school which had a 5th grade job opening, and on Wednesday I interviewed. Now I've had a job application online for 3 years....this is the second interview I've had. The job sounded like the sort I am good at - starting with low achieving students late in the year. Bottom line - I didn't get the job - got a rejection email on Saturday morning. The premise of the job was disturbing (but at the time, I'm not going to question it - it IS a teaching job!!). The principal was taking 4 students from each of the 5th grade homerooms and placing them with this new teacher. They would not be told ahead of time. All of the students failed portions of the state's testing, and the purpose of starting this new classroom is to bring up test scores this year. However, the test is less than two months away. A tall order to ask students to leave friends, bond with a new teacher, and improve their scores. Still, I felt I was a good candidate, and it hurts to be passed over. I am trying to follow the path that God has placed before me, wherever it leads. I am grateful that I am getting enough sub jobs to make my raggedy budget! I especially like getting to know the students I see every Friday at the private school for students who learn "differently." I like to think I teach differently!

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