Monday, February 15, 2010

Hanging together on Valentine's Day

My husband and I took a Valentine's Day walk on the beach yesterday afternoon. Even the shore birds seemed to appreciate the sun, either lazily floating on the calm, low tide, or sitting and standing clustered facing into the sun. The 50 something temps were eased by the strong sun, with not a wisp of a cloud to challenge it. I just finished reading an interesting book - Marriage and Other Acts of Charity by Kate Braestrup, who lost her first husband in a car accident, became an ordained chaplain, and remarried. She says that while 50% of marriages end in divorce, 100% end period, meaning that all of our lives are going to END. So I start off my work week - 3 days of being a gifted teacher sub at a public school, and 1 day at my regular part-time Friday teaching gig - trying to remember to appreciate each day, most moments if not these are finite by definition.

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