Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beach moments...

Sitting in a canvas beach chair facing the north channel, with the sun warming my back and a cool breeze tickling my face. Savannah's high was to be around 67 degrees today. I'm trying to write but feel the pull of sleep listening to the tide lap at the banks. The sound is different from breakers on the main beach - more gentle, hypnotic and rhythmic. I could sleep and put off writing so easily...

I've watched two ships come in - a car carrier and an Asian freighter. Nearby sea gulls seem disappointed that I'm not munching on anything. They pass nonchalantly by, switching from walking to swimming.

Winter blues in the sky make the water appear more blue and clear than it actually is. I see islands on the horizon - one is Hilton Head, the other Daufuskie. The tide is coming in - in a few minutes I will have to move my chair to avoid wet feet. Like a fresh salty breeze, my mind feels unfettered and open.

Mark is with me. Together we walked around the channel back toward the north beach. We found the carcass of a Sheep's Head fish. Many small jellyfish had also washed up on the beach. I saw the fish bones yesterday, but since then someone has taken the teeth out of the fish's mouth. They were pretty scary looking! A reminder that many ocean dwellers besides sharks have teeth.

The breeze is becoming a bit more chilling and cutting - more of a slap than a tickle - as the sun drops a bit in the afternoon sky. No perfect moment can last forever!

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