Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diving/working through life

I've been watching pelicans dive for fish, here at 1pm on Sunday at the north beach rock jetty. Today is a real tease for spring; apparently the shore birds sense it also. I see various types of gulls, pelicans, and what I think are cormorants floating in the surf - perhaps more than I've seen at any time just floating. I suspect some schools of fish are running parallel to the beach.
Mark is sitting beside me writing in his journal. We walked to the north channel, then went to the car to get chairs and writing materials. There are a fair number of people on the beach, some already in swimsuits, and a few young children in the surf. The water still feels pretty cold to me, but I did walk in my bare feet (and loved every minute of it!) Yea, spring!!!

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