Monday, July 12, 2010

Lazy, hazy days of summer....

I'm in the midst of the summer "pull" - with urges to take morning or late evening walks (only times I can stand the heat), to drop by local fruit and veggie stands, to whittle away the afternoon in air-conditioned comfort reading, and to watch the beach sunsets. We had "marvelous" Fourth of July weather, with day temps only in the 80s, so my husband and I were a couple of walking fools. I took this pic of one lighthouse during a morning walk in the early July weather change (you can see the rougher tide), and one after sunset.
Yes, I have crossed a few things off my "to do" list - going through storage boxes and files, and some inside painting of one room, plus the usual closet and garage cleanups. I have recycled endlessly at Goodwill...dropping off old clothes and electronics, then going inside to browse for bargains. Even my son is hooked on Goodwill. Which is great because we certainly live on a Goodwill budget....I'm grateful for these unscheduled days, when I can get up and decide what I want to do...teaching days will come soon enough. Love that southern coastal life (with a glass of chilled wine, beer or a margarita!)

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