Monday, October 14, 2013

Season of Change

This pic is from a railroad trail in Piney River, Virginia.  It is not heavily traveled and has great views of nearby rivers, forest and foothills. I had three or four great walks there!

I just came back from visiting my mother and brother in Virginia.  I was helping my brother pack up things at his old house, since he has moved in with Mom after Dad died in May, and helping my mother pack up some of Dad's clothing for Goodwill.  And I'm adjusting to life without my father.  Since I'm 53 years old, I understand that I am at that point in life where more people I am close to die.  But how I wish I could hear him on the phone, telling one of his recent jokes, or be able to ask him advice on this or that home repair job.

 This pic is from the railroad trail also.  What a hunk a rock they had to blast through to put in the rails!
 This pic is from a trail in Lynchburg, Virginia, near the James River.  I thought it was pretty cool, for an entrance to a "city" trail.
 This is my grandfather's homestead.  Family still owns the property, though no one lives on it, and a family cemetery is located there.  In the early 1900s, a main road used by carriages and horses went right by the house.  Now it is very isolated, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.  I always walk here, since it is so peaceful.
 Back in Savannah, Georgia, I walked on the Tybee railroad trail a couple of times.  I was actually almost bitten by a young raccoon, likely rabid.  The incoming tide can cover parts of the trail, so I had to wade back to my car one day.  That's what I love about hiking - you never know what will happen!
Of course I also had to get in some walks at Tybee beach.  I loved the "cotton ball" clouds we had this day!

I quit my job as a cashier/tech at the Walmart Pharmacy near where I live in August, in order to spend several weeks with Mom and just "catch my breath."  Now I'm job hunting again, hopefully for something that requires a college degree and uses my past teaching experience.  I could write an entire blog about Walmart...have to think on that!

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