Sunday, April 29, 2012

Working it.....

I haven't posted in over a month...why?  I have a job now! No more hours spent cruising job websites and prepping for interviews.  I am a pharmacy cashier at the Walmart near my house (just a half mile away), and am going to train as a technician.  So this is my "third career" I guess... first public relations, then teaching, and now pharmacy tech...not to mention a few years as a stay at home mom.  I really appreciate my beach walks now, as they are harder to schedule!  I was on Tybee's north channel last Wednesday morning and took these photos.

Saw lots of shrimp boats out, which means lots of yummy shrimp to buy and eat!

Always love this beach view of the lighthouse - have photographed it many times...

There were plenty of shore birds - pelicans, gulls, skimmers, and my favorite - sandpipers.  Gotta love the little guys!

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