Sunday, May 9, 2010

What washes ashore, washes back out

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend - just enjoying going out to eat (and drink a couple of well-deserved margaritas), and watching the sun set on the beach. My husband and I also went downtown to the market and bought fresh strawberries and tomatoes. I have a long term substitute teacher position for May, filling in for a teacher who is ill. Though I'd rather secure work under happier circumstances, I guess that is the role of a sub anyway. The job is no "walk in the park," as it is for middle schoolers with learning disabilities and/or behavioral challenges. Began to get very tired last week, so will slow things down this week. My husband teaches at a school where the entire staff was basically "fired," per the requirements of the No Child Left Behind legisation. He doesn't know, after 25 years in the system, if he has a job. I haven't had any offers either, and with teachers being laid off right and left, I'm not hopeful. Who would have thought so many teachers would be out of work? I say, what washes ashore, will wash back out eventually.

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