Friday, April 2, 2010

Seizing the day in a strange new economical world...

I have had this week off from substitute teaching, along with my high school age son and teacher husband. We are having a "staycation," but I am not suffering, with lots of nature walks. I took this pic several days ago on a 4 mile hike.

I've still not heard of any full-time teacher openings in the public or private sector within driving distance of my home, and my husband's school is being reorganized and "reprincipaled," (cute term, don' cha think?) so he is not sure what job he will get, or even if there will be a job, period. Teacher layoffs across the nation are becoming commonplace. It is a strange new world when education is valued so little.

Hmm...what else can I do with my education degree that I haven't already tried? I've done the nonprofit thing, the teacher age 49 too late to train for a new career?

I'm trying to enjoy these beautiful April days, one a time, thankful that I can put one foot in front of the other to get outside, and that I can at least make some money as a substitute.

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  1. After retiring from teaching, I am also a substitute teacher. I also became a childbirth educator. If I were your age, I would try to become a registered nurse. I do love teaching, but the experiences I have with new parents is just awesome. I am 62 so a bit too old to become a nurse, so I just enjoy what I'm doing.